Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 2, 2012

Bad government is a product of not seeking God

— Definition of a Tyrant: A leader, who exercises unlawful authority, or lawful authority in an unlawful manner.

“Tyrant” is what the Founding Fathers described England’s King George in 1776. We can say that it also describes our government of 2012.

The Founding Fathers framed the U.S. Constitution to control the sinful passions of man and their government. And one of the responsibilities of our federal government is to defend our Constitution, freedoms and liberties, not destroy them.

If someone from 100 years ago were to come back today, he would be shocked and ask what country is this? This can’t be America.

While Americans concern themselves with the economy and rising oil prices, many will vote on the candidate who offers them the greater financial reward, putting their wallet ahead of morals.

Some issues considered political in nature are nothing more than biblical issues that have been dragged into the political arena. Abortion, sexual immorality, traditional marriage are not matters to be decided by a political opinion. God has already voted on these agendas, and He has clearly instructed His people to follow His example. What is important to the God of the Bible should be important to us. Everyone’s campaign theme should be to “honor God.”

Most of us can agree that our country is a mess. There may be many reasons, but the root cause comes from a moral decay brought about by our total rejection of God.

America needs to change direction, and that can only come from a revival that starts with repentance. The problem in America is not a political problem; it’s a spiritual problem called sin. The Bible says in Psalm 33:12; Blessed is the nation whose God is the lord.

— Ken Blinco