Goshen News, Goshen, IN

February 21, 2013

Let’s look at the root cause of gun violence

— In response to the Sandy Fribley’s letter (The Goshen News, Feb. 14), I am just as concerned for the health and safety of my family as anyone in this day and age of surprises — some good, some tragic.

In the past 15 years or so, I have seen more changes in attitudes, lack of respect, rudeness, etc., everywhere I go. Violence in the home, as well as everywhere else, has escalated to epic proportions. I believe we need to stop treating the symptom and pursue the root cause of the disease that is behind the violence in our society today.

I do not believe that the Constitution is outdated any more than the Ten Commandments, both of which are guidelines to live and be protected by. I agree that guns in the wrong hands is a problem, one that will not soon be resolved and certainly not by President Obama’s anti-gun programs that are blindly pursuing the wrong avenues to reduce violence and mass hysteria. What many call assault rifles are, in reality, modern hunting rifles. If those who label them as such knew the difference of bolt action versus semi-auto, performance wise, especially when hunting, they would see that (assault rifle) is a misnomer.

I agree that all guns should be in gun safes when not in use. I believe that guns are not the problem and that very ill, deranged and demented people coupled to violence are. Again, we need to pursue the root cause of violence in our society if we expect to stop the slayings of all types. Banning so-called assault weapons and extended magazines will not stop it.

My heart goes out to all that have lost someone in the recent slayings. The Obama plans and policies go much deeper than most realize, so be careful what you ask for.

— Jerry Myers