Goshen News, Goshen, IN

February 15, 2013

Bashor Children’s Home provides many services


GOSHEN — Nonprofit organizations in Elkhart County and across Indiana have possibly been facing the toughest budget years in the history of their organizations. State funding was decreased and spread around to fewer organizations. Some organizations were not up to the challenges, closed their doors and transferred programs to organizations that saw the need to keep them open. Other organizations trimmed back and refused services to select individuals.

So, it is refreshing to see one of these organizations, Bashor Children’s Home in Goshen, continue to fight and beat the odds. At a time when agencies were cutting programs for kids, Bashor only cut staff. The staff were spread out thinner but refused to let it have a negative influence on the quality of service being offered to each child.

Below are 10 things worth knowing about Bashor. I hope you too are/will be proud of this Elkhart County-based organization, its staff and the donors who have chosen to support it.

Did you know Bashor Children’s Home:

• Predominantly serves children from Elkhart, but accepts young people from throughout the state?

• Will not turn away a child who needs help by either providing services or connecting them to an appropriate service provider?

• Is one of the truly few faith-based agencies for troubled youth in the northern part of the state?

• Is not just a residential treatment facility, but also offers three day school programs and nine community based programs?

• Is looking for care foster parents to help children they serve?

• Provides on-site medical and dental services to all the children it serves in residential care?

• Provides care and treatment for the entire family?

• Works with all seven school districts in Elkhart County?

• Aggressively partners with many local service agencies?

— Richard Pyle

member of Bashor Children’s Home board of directors