Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 16, 2013

NRA is larger than the U.S. military

— I would like to respond to Ron Chupp (letters Jan. 11). There are some statements made in his letter I would like to address as a veteran who recently left the military.

We don’t have the largest military. Depending on the category we range in rankings from number 2 for total force to number 8 if you go by other factors including reserves and paramilitary. Our technology is good, but it could be better. The best radios and gear are typically purchased in smaller amounts for specialized units and not the total force. As for training, unless a soldier pays for outside training resources they are left at the mercy of their command and sometimes the command fails to provide the best possible training.

As far as disarming the public not affecting national defense, there are more members of the NRA and more gun owners than there are members of the armed forces. The historical and accurate purpose for the Second Amendment is to provide for the public to throw off a despotic government as well as rise up and join in the defense of the country.

A typical naive American believes we are safe and that tyranny could never happen here. How many times has the phrase “it could never happen here” been used only to be proven wrong? We are a young nation with many unknowns in our future. You can either live a naive existence in your little safe bubble between two wide oceans and two friendly neighbors or you can realize the world is not as safe as you thought.

Stand up and do something about it or get out of the way so others can.

— Travis Parrish

Ballwin, Mo.