Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 11, 2013

Maintenance funding is in place

— In Sunday’s Goshen News editorial, you said “a few years ago” the Goshen City Parks and Recreation Department didn’t have the money to renovate the Shanklin Park swimming pool. You indicated the Rotary Club paid to renovate the pool and required that the city maintain it from that point forward.

The editorial was very misleading. While it is true that the Rotary Club paid to renovate the pool (which they had also paid to construct originally), it was not “a few years ago.” Mike Puro became mayor in 1988. The second (and last) Rotary pool project was at the beginning of his first term, approximately 25 years ago! Prior administrations had let the pool deteriorate.

Mayor Puro committed to the Goshen Rotary Club that a portion of pool revenues would be set aside annually in anticipation of major projects. Under his leadership, Park Superintendent Rich Fay and the Park Board significantly improved pool maintenance. When I became mayor in 1997, the commitment continued. Current Park Superintendent Sheri Howland and the Park Board have done an excellent job building revenue, superbly maintaining and improving the pool and surrounding amenities.

You added that you “hope the Park Board has since created a long term maintenance fund.” Rest assured…Goshen News and Rotarians…that happened some 25 years ago.

— Mayor Allan Kauffman