Goshen News, Goshen, IN

April 4, 2013

Now is not the time to borrow

— As a senior at Goshen High School, I’m taking an economics class that teaches us how to use money wisely. The most basic and common sense rule when it comes to finances is, “Don’t spend what you don’t have.”

Last month in an article titled “Mayor: City’s finances face rocky road” (The Goshen News March 23), I read that the city of Goshen is having budget issues. At the end of the article, Mayor Allan Kauffman stated that to maintain the city’s services, “We’re going to have to raise the price,” and suggested adding a trash pick-up fee for city residents.

I understand that money is tight. I know that sometimes government has to raise taxes. But if this is the situation we are in, why are we even considering borrowing more than $35 million for a community center (and subsequent school improvements). Why have we spent millions of dollars on bike paths and other luxuries? It seems reasonable to me that before we decide to spend tax money on a place to play, we should have our trash and other essential public services funded.

— Hunter Hamsher