Goshen News, Goshen, IN

May 8, 2013

Freedom-loving Americans want our country back

— We are living in unprecedented times. The “America” of today is not the America that many of us grew up in. Far from loving and cherishing the freedom that was bequeathed unto us by our Founding Fathers, many no longer even know what freedom is. Worse yet, many don’t even seem to care.

Most Americans are still under the delusion that “it can’t happen here.” Well, wake up! Because it is happening here. Our country is systematically being transformed into a police state before our very eyes. Don’t think so? Consider the experience of many Bostonians in the aftermath of the recent bombing: armed troops in the streets, military style house-to-house searches and residents being forced out of their homes at gunpoint. Can anybody say MARTIAL LAW? Could this be a portent of things to come? If so, say goodbye to what’s left of the Fourth Amendment.

The enemies of freedom are working overtime in their attack on the Second Amendment. Why would the federal government be so intent upon relieving law-abiding citizens of our firearms? We’re the only impediment to them having total control. Historically speaking, gun confiscation has often served as a prelude to tyranny. If we give up our guns there goes what’s left of our freedoms.

With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, the Fifth and Sixth Amendments are also in danger of being eviscerated. For the first time in American history, we the people can now be secretly arrested and indefinitely detained. No charge! No trial! No due process!

For those who love to grovel at the feet of communistic tyrants, why don’t you consider relocating to China or North Korea? While you’re at it, take Mr. Obama with you. As for the rest of us freedom-loving Americans, we’ve had enough “change.” We want our country back!

Chad Maurer