Goshen News, Goshen, IN

March 28, 2013

Genesis explains why world is imperfect

— According to the book of Genesis in the Bible, God announced at the end of his six days of creationthat everything he made was “very good.”

The original world was perfect. That means there was no death or suffering. So, what happened to the initial “very good”world?

Genesis chapter 3 says we live in a cursed, fallen world today. While we recognize that the beauty we see all around us is evidence that there was a creator of it all at the very beginning, big changes have happened.

When people experience suffering for the death of a loved one, they almost always misplace the blame. They typically believe God created the world this way, a world full of death. When cancer kills a loved one, they sometimes blame God.

The Bible makes it clear that death; disease and suffering came into the world because of the sin of Adam and Eve. We need to realize that every human is a descendant of Adam and Eve, born with the same problem: a sinful nature. We all have the capacity to lie, steal, commit sexual sin, murder, etc.

The mess we see in the world is man’s fault, not God’s. People suffer because of the sin that has corrupted the perfect world God made.

But even in this cursed world, there’s hope, for where sin increased, grace increased all the more. Through God’s love and mercy he became a man through Jesus Christ, died on the cross for mankind’s sin, which is death and separation from God. He rose from the dead, conquering death, so that all who truly believe and trust in him will live for eternity in heaven with their creator.

Christ’s death and resurrection brings us forgiveness and new life. This is reason to celebrate and worship God.

— Ken Blinco