Goshen News, Goshen, IN

August 7, 2013

Hey, what’s all the fuss?


— I don’t understand all this fuss about the Goshen Redskins. The Goshen Schools’ mascot is all about pride and honor. Why can’t people see that?

It’s like if I kill an 18-point buck, you can bet I’m going to cut his head off and stick it on my living room wall. It’s a sign of honor and respect for the buck. Same thing with the Indians. We killed them and now we honor them.

Well, we didn’t kill all of them. Gosh, we’re not some kind of moral monsters. So we rounded up the survivors in Plymouth in 1838 and forced them on a death march to Kansas. And you really have to admire the historical symmetry here. White people came to America at Plymouth Rock, and we kicked out the native inhabitants in Plymouth, Indiana.

Maybe death march is too strong a term, though. They didn’t all die, of course. Just the weak ones mostly, the old folks and the babies.

Sure makes me feel proud.

— Dave Coyne