Goshen News, Goshen, IN

December 13, 2012

Fox News forgets who won the election

— Guess what, Fox News, Democrats won this election

The election is over ... but wait. Some on Fox News call the results a status quo election ... but wait.

President Obama, with a 54 percent approval rating, received more than 4.5 million more votes than the Republican. In Congress, the Democratic candidates for Congress received more than a million more votes than the Republicans and gained eight seats in the 113th Congress, even though redistricting gave Republicans an advantage.

In the Senate the Democratic candidates gained two seats — Joe Donnelly of Indiana was one. At the national level this was not a status quo election. The Democratic Party won the White House again, kept the majority while gaining two seats in the Senate, and gained eight seats in the House of Representatives. Plus, a million extra votes didn’t count because of redistricting. Democrats got more votes nationwide, but fewer district wins. In our district the Republican winner only got 48 percent of the vote and she refused to debate at IUSB.

Republicans lost this election. They lost House seats and Senate seats. They lost the White House for the fifth time in the last six cycles in the popular vote. Nancy Pelosi is still the leader of the minority and Harry Reid is still majority leader in the Senate. President Obama is still in thee White House, but with more helpers in the House and Senate thanks to this election. Sen. Joe Donnelly is living proof.

Elections have meaning, impact and consequences. It was history-making because President Obama received more than 51 percent of the vote for the second time and added Democratic seats in both the House and the Senate. That changed the status quo and effort by FoxNews to belittle this achievement should be called what it is — A distortion, an untruth and a lie.

— Charles Mumaw