Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 28, 2012

LETTER: Executives should have waited on announcement

— In another story of Dickensian travesty, Cequent Performance Products (based in Plymouth, Mich.) and its president, Thomas Benson, along with TriMas CEO Dave Wathen, announced to its 450 employees it would close the Goshen plant and move it to Mexico the day before Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays. Would it have killed them to wait for a week or two?

I wonder what kind of holiday these two had? I wonder if they were discussing the record sales they made from the Goshen plant and how they will make even more money by shedding an American workforce making a living wage? I wonder if they were taking about all the businesses in Goshen that will close because they rely on the workers from Goshen to purchase food, gas, clothing, etc. I wonder if they will tell their children how Cequent used the City of Goshen for hundreds and thousands of dollars in tax abatements and how they already took the equipment they bought with our tax money and moved it to Mexico? No, I guess not.

I wonder if they were discussing the bomb threat at the plant and how Mark Symanski, an employee with 20-years of service that has never missed a day of work, stepped up and volunteered to assist in the search. I wonder if they were discussing how the company asked for additional volunteers to search, including asking a pregnant team leader. I wonder if they stay awake at night worrying how to feed their kids, pay the heating bill, or buy new coats this winter?

I wonder if they think at all about the Thanksgiving they ruined for their employees?

— Susan Maroko

New Buffalo, Mich.

USW International

staff representative