Goshen News, Goshen, IN

August 4, 2013

LETTER: God cares for the well being of everyone

— As a farm boy, the harvest was a special time. A gardener experiences it more frequently. It is a time when the benefits of one’s own labor are celebrated and one feels that indeed, “God is good.”

Actually, the harvest of nature’s bounty occurs on a daily basis. Its distribution is determined by one’s income and purchasing power. The “invisible hand” in rationing resources in the quest for maximizing profits has enabled some to demand much of life’s sustenance while others remain marginal. Being removed from land leaves many vulnerable and dependent on jobs or other forms of assistance.

We forget the original intent of life’s Creator. The appropriation of land, claiming ownership and the benefits of other’s labor is part of a fallen order. Man’s plan has allowed a few to command amounts of the Earth’s sustenance sufficient for thousands of life times, while leaving many and future generations to struggle.

A Google Images search of wealth disparity reveals the extent this system of the “survival of the fittest” has failed us. Not since the last depression has such a disparity and it’s associated lack of purchasing power occurred.

Record incomes and corporate profits are not sufficient for them. Our city leaders capitulate to their demands for property tax abatements and lower sewage assessments, which result in reduced funding for community services and schools. Well-funded government leaders tend to the lowering of their corporate, inheritance and income tax rates while questioning the need of entitlements for the needy.

Let us not forget, “God is good and cares for the well being of everyone.”

— Lynn Slagel