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June 12, 2014

LETTERS FOR JUNE 12, 2014: Hypocritical politicians target Second Amendment

Goshen News

---- — Hypocritical politicians target Second Amendment

The former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, started the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns years ago and it’s inappropriately titled. It really is more like Mayors Against the Second Amendment because Bloomberg (the billionaire) would love to see guns taken out of all Americans’ hands.

Bloomberg has recently pledged $50 million to his new group, Everytown for Gun Safety. He’s also formed a group called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. He plans to compete with the NRA by using its playbook, funding candidates for office who are like-minded. He is targeting certain gun-friendly states, Indiana being one of them.

More than 75 mayors who originally signed up as members of this group have left after discovering the group was just a bunch of gun grabbers with an Orwellian reverse-think name. As a matter of fact, Goshen Mayor Allan Kauffman had been a member but dropped out of the group before his last election. But, lo and behold, his name once again appears in the group’s membership roster as of Jan. 7, 2014. MAIG has since, removed the membership roster from its website but the Internet archive still has a copy that they can’t hide.

I wonder why his name would appear, disappear and then reappear on this roster after his re-election. Was it magic or a political move? You can be the judge of that, but with progressive Democrats nothing happens by accident. You do understand that it’s all about control. The statist’s want to control every aspect of your life, from the womb to the tomb, and taking away your rights by confiscating your guns is a prime example of this. It’s just another example of the erosion of your freedom by hypocritical politicians.

— Bob Schrameyer


Sister City program began with Chisick

I think The Goshen News’ coverage of Mayor Allan Kauffman’s trip to Bexbach, Germany is appropriate. But you have attributed the start of the sister city program in 1979 to former Goshen Mayor Max Chiddister. In fact, the program was begun in the term of Mayor Steven Chisick. Allan Kauffman, Paul Scott, Bill Ogle, Tom Lantz, Don Lukeman, Bill Bloss and I were on the City Council that approved the program.

— Ron Hoke


Waste of money

NASA is setting up to waste billions of dollars by subjecting otherwise reusable spacecraft to re-entry into earth’s atmosphere and burning up heat shields and other external hardware making them basically junk.

Returning interplanetary spacecraft could be parked in an orbiting dry-dock space station to be refurbished and reused while using a titanium reusable shuttle craft plane — based in part on the SR 71 Blackbird — to bring crew and cargo down to earth.

— David Shepard