Goshen News, Goshen, IN

April 18, 2013

Schools should deal with issues

— The Goshen News reported on April 10 about a Goshen Community Schools board meeting detailing summer projects and costs. There was no mention of high school swimming pool repair needs or room expansion needs.

Is the school board assuming a “yes” vote on the proposed community center? Or are there plans in the event of a “no” vote on the community center?

Basically, the need to repair the high school swimming pool and room expansions should not be dependent on the community approval of a civic center. This is a school problem and should be the responsibility of the school administration and the school board. However, the issue of the community center will be on the ballot in a special election in November.

The issue of the community center on the ballot was awarded by the Goshen City Council without knowing how this election will be paid. Some of these council members do not read the pulse of the community very well.

To date, general conversation and letters to The Goshen News indicate a community center with a 20-year bond issue would be a bad move for Goshen property taxpayers. If the cost of a special election is paid for from taxpayer funds, why not call off the election and use those funds for school needs?

— Harmon “Hap” Williams