Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 20, 2013

Goshen mayor quite the salesman

Goshen News

---- — Goshen Mayor Allan Kauffman is an interesting salesman. He sold the idea that in order to bring business and jobs to the community he needed to spend $3 million on landscaping to U.S. 33. Last year the U.S. 33 project hardly met the city’s ordinance for upkeep.

He proposed that the city create a deputy mayor position so he could travel more at the city’s expense, and then realized a deputy mayor could make decisions in his absence.

He sold the city on the need for traffic flow and expanded Third Street to four lanes stopping at Main Street with gridlock. He then sold the city on building a two-lane road south of the city that goes nowhere and supports no traffic flow. He is selling the idea of a two-lane bypass that bypasses the Third Street project. And he continues to sell the two-lane “Road to Nowhere” as a bypass.

Then he posted signs blocking delivery vehicles from delivering to the industrial parks off of C.R. 38 that produce jobs. And he has refused to work with county officials on a true bypass that would actually move traffic and support additional industry and a larger work force.

I was confused until I watched the Democrats deal with the national debt and budget and realized Mayor Kauffman is, after all, a Democrat and a career politician.

— Ted Selman