Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 2, 2013

Are we any better than Assad?

— In his Sept. 10 speech and some others afterward, President Obama stressed the gruesomeness of watching children writhing in pain from poison gas. It seemed the major justification for attacking Syria. It is a hideous way to die and is against international law. It is illegal and in no way do I excuse it. But we should also look at what we and a great many other countries in the world do to our children and call legal.

Asad’s government used the poison gas once, which was one too many times, and killed more than 400 children. Day after day throughout the world we kill far more children than that with abortions. At every stage of a pregnancy an abortion causes the baby horrible pain. Perhaps we should show films of partial-birth abortions on TV as the late-term baby is cut apart piece by piece; no pain killers.

Does our president, who supports abortion on demand, think that these babies feel no pain? A saline solution used in early abortions burns the baby’s flesh. Stem cells taken from embryos kills the embryo, but legalizing the use of government funds for it was one of the president’s first acts.

Regardless of how or when it is done, deliberately destroying innocent children is a terrible thing. Is anyone suggesting that we be attacked for killing our babies? We are all guilty of harming the most defenseless. Attacking Syria and killing more people as though they’re terrible and we are not is not justified.

— Barbara Colford