Goshen News, Goshen, IN

August 9, 2013

Fix our traffic problems correctly

— The Elkhart County Fair has come and gone for another year and again we have seen the traffic problems. I am 71 years old and all but one of those years I have lived east of Goshen. I have seen the same problem every year. There is a solution, but I realize it takes money to get things done.

From Goshen High School east to C.R. 31 is three miles with no southbound road in between. The fair is talking about a road in from C.R. 36 that will be used for about 20 days at the most. The county runs C.R. 17 to a dead end at C.R. 38. Why do we continue to do things half way?

I realize they have future plans. The city of Goshen spends money on Third Street and Main Street that gives four lanes each way and now wants to add east on Pike with a road extended to Goshen High School with U.S. 33 still only two lanes going out of town.

A big share of our industry has moved to the southeast side of Goshen. Instead of doing things for a partial fix, why not fix something right? The fair, city and county should worked together and connect C.R. 34 to C.R. 36 east of the railroad on 36 to the vicinity of C.R. 29. on C.R. 34. Then the fair could have four lanes to the west. We would then have a road for 52 weeks a year that could be used for the many workers from the north side who work on the south side.

If there could be a conclusion that would benefit the entire community for the whole year, it would be the most effective use of time and money.

— Robert Bender