Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 26, 2013

Employers should utilize proper training programs

— Jobs and job training programs — if they are to be successful — need to incorporate traditional apprenticeship and internship programs with government certification of training updated to include computer programming; programming and operating; computer numerically controlled equipment; three-dimensional printing; and other updates.  

Along with training programs should come pressure for employers to participate in training programs and to hire certified trained workers for jobs. Employers that deliberately hire uncertified workers with no intention of getting these workers into certification programs that will train them to be better, safer workers, need to be made to realize that certification in approved training programs should reduce liabilities, lawsuits and other problems that can happen by not having properly trained workers on site.

Training programs will do no good without employers who are willing to hire properly certified workers and participate and cooperate with proper training programs by recognizing certifications and the ability to carry certification from one job to the next.

— David Shepard