Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 9, 2013

Goshen officials become 'ordinance happy'

— I see ordinance-happy Goshen has passed yet another one! We just got a four-lane highway finished that ends at a two-lane county road to allow truck traffic to bypass Goshen and also to get into the industrial park more easily. Now Goshen wants to reroute the trucks deeper into Goshen instead of using the route we have paid to build. Why was this not decided before C.R. 17 got terminated at C.R. 38?

“We haven’t done traffic counts, but if you talk to people who live on Kercher Road, and the council members they’re calling, they’re going to tell you there are more trucks on Kercher Road than there used to be,” Mayor Allan Kauffman was quoted as saying in the Dec. 27 Goshen News.

No counts made? Seems like someone is not doing their homework.

This is just one more rule that ordinance-happy Goshen has put on the books. A recent article states the mayor is concerned about the county’s opinions. That’s new. He never seemed to be too concerned before. Who is suggesting these little nonsense rules? Who is deciding these are good ideas?

We now have an ordinance on how/where solar panels can be mounted.

We also have an ordinance on when and how long a back-up generator can be run.

Bicycle trails, activity center — how else can we spend money? Yet we can’t really fix the sidewalks downtown without worrying from where the money will come from. And If there is a smooth manhole cover on any street in Goshen, I haven’t found it.

We should bake a good cake before putting the frosting on it, rather than trying to frost a pile of crumbs.

— Keith Hoffman