Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 4, 2013

Gun ownership should be strengthened

— Sen. Diane Feinstein’s proposed near universal gun proposal must fail. This law is poorly considered. It must be defeated, not softened, and it must be defeated forcefully. Why?

In an increasingly dangerous world, American citizens need to have the means to protect themselves from criminals and crazies. The only thing that stops an armed attacker is another man with a gun fighting back —then the attacker usually runs or kills himself.

The police are too slow when life is on the line. We therefore need to provide the credible likelihood that the attacker will meet immediate opposition. A few armed teachers would have greatly reduced the carnage in Connecticut, but the school was a “gun-free” zone, so the crazy was unopposed and was quite safe until police arrived. Even the likelihood that the teachers were armed would have sent him elsewhere. The defenders need to have concealed carry so they cannot be identified by the attacker before an incident begins.

Right now, our most dangerous places are our gun-free places — DC, NYC, Chicago, etc — and gun-free schools, cinemas, and malls. The criminals won’t obey the law and will have weapons, but in gun-free zones they are assured of having no opposition. So that is where these incidents always occur.

They may be crazy, but they are not stupid. I do not want America to fall into this all-too-familiar trap: gun control — gun confiscation — totalitarian rule.

I want American to remain the land of the free.

So I recommend instead a bill encouraging all states to initiate voluntary firearms training for the principals, teachers and staff of our public schools and colleges and encouraging concealed carry by citizens in all our high-crime and high-population centers.

Then we can watch the crime drop, not escalate!

— Bob Moore