Goshen News, Goshen, IN

April 19, 2013

Media should tone down bomb coverage

— What happened in Boston was horrible but the media needs to tone down the coverage.

Report that it happened, report that the authorities are looking into it, and then report that they have a suspect and that the suspect has been arrested.

If this was the act of one or two people they should be kept in secret and in anonymity. They should not be paraded in front of the cameras or have their pictures on the news for weeks following the trial. They should be led to the courtroom hidden from the cameras and away from the courtroom the same way. The name of the person or persons responsible should never be known. That is why people like this do these things, so that they will be “immortalized” forever.

Let’s send a message: If you commit such a horrendous act you will not be remembered. You will not be known. There will be neither fame nor infamy. You will die cold and alone and no one will ever remember who you are.

As long as the coverage of these events keeps escalating, the events will continue to escalate.

— Matthew Whitford