Goshen News, Goshen, IN

April 13, 2013

Legislators should say no to Senate Bill 207

— You would think the way our politicians are drafting and voting on immigration legislation our economy is red hot and flush with unfilled jobs. In Washington the Gang of 8 is working on amnesty for 11 million or more immigrants in our country illegally while our borders are still out of control. This gang of senators also wants to expand our guest worker program and bring in an increasing number of workers to fill empty jobs?

In Indiana we have a state senator who proposed a “driver licenses for illegals bill,” and another proposed a bill granting in-state tuition. SB 207 proposed by Republican Jean Leising (D-42) would grant in-state tuition for a select number of those here illegally before 2011. The bill passed out of the Senate 35-15 with all the Democrats supporting the bill and a majority support from the Republicans.

SB 207 also passed the House Education Committee, 8-4, where Republican Robert Behning (D-91) wanted to amend the bill to included 6,000 more immigrants. SB 207 moves on to the Indiana House for a vote before the full Legislature next week.

The reason our immigration system appears broken is because our politicians allow immigrants here illegally to get away with breaking our laws and then reward them. It’s time to take a stand and stop in-state tuition for illegal aliens in Indiana. Call the Statehouse at 800-382-9842 and tell your legislator vote no on SB 207.

— Greg Serbon

State director, Indiana

Federation for Immigration

Reform and Enforcement