Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 10, 2012

Goshen can't afford new building


GOSHEN — To the taxpayers of Goshen and the surrounding county:

Apparently there is going to be a referendum on the building of a new community building containing three swimming pools, an indoor track and various other entities costing anywhere from $20 to $30 million, paid for by bonds that will put the taxpayers deeper in debt.

Goshen city is now bonded out for $60 million. The county built a jail on C.R. 9 costing more than $100 million. Goshen Community Schools is deep in debt. In the year 2010, 1,500 parcels of taxpayers’ property went up for a tax sale. In 2011, 1,575 were up for sale. The federal government is over $16 trillion in debt.

Goshen Community Schools has two pools that if properly maintained will last many more years. The Goshen College had a good reason for closing its pool. Shift the expense to the already over-taxed public. Think before you vote.

— Ralph Frauhiger