Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 7, 2012

A quest for a perfect world

— I’m saddened by what appears to be happening in the U.S, observing serious judgement and divisions. Having lived outside of the U.S. now for more than 20 years, I wonder if I will feel comfortable returning.

I am U.S. citizen, but I am also a world citizen who cares about all God’s children. I’m pro-life, not only for the unborn, but also for the lives being lost in recent wars. Why do we expect our government to police the world, spending countless military dollars, running up a frightening deficit? Does the U.S. have a God-given mandate to patrol the nations of the world or is war one way to keep the U.S. military viable?

Do we expect a secular government to legislate personal morality, but ignore the “common good” of our society with people below the poverty line increasing? Do we really think we have freedom and democracy when the super rich are paying for ads promoting their candidates and special interests? As the “rich” in this world, do we not see how our values start to revolve around money and the freedom to earn and spend it, rather than being shaped by higher values, such as justice and social righteousness?

I want to have a broader vision than whether the U.S. is a Christian nation. I want to live and promote God’s dream for a perfect world.

I also expect to see people live as Christians who become a light in the darkness by living righteous lives of compassion and reconciliation. Thank goodness for groups like the Nappanee Public Affairs Discussion Group (David Swartz, Sept. 20 edition of The Goshen News) that provide a venue for respectful discourse.

I pray the 2 Chronicles 7:14 prayer of healing, and that our great nation will not self-destruct due to greed, and divisiveness.

— Julie Akousua Bender

Dazhou, China

(Former Elkhart County resident)