Goshen News, Goshen, IN

March 22, 2013

Obama's fiscal priorities not right

— President Obama spent more on his golf trip to Florida than the yearly cost of  the White House tours, but he can’t find enough money for White House tours (nor Easter Egg hunts?). He found enough money to give Egypt $250 million and we still spend $50 billion each year in foreign aid. The IRS just issued a report that indicates that 312,000  government employees owe $3.5 billion in unpaid back taxes, so maybe he could collect some of that. Also, Citizens Against Government Waste have identified $1.5 billion wasted in 2012.    

  This is ridiculous, for he is trying to indicate that there is no waste in the federal government and that we must raise taxes for him to spend more. His  claims that the sequester would really hurt our economy have turned out to be false and he keeps trying to find something to justify his position.

 The senate Republicans tried to pass a bill giving Mr. Obama the ability to juggle expenses between departments and thus avoid any problems due to the sequester, but he did not want that power to govern and the bill did not pass. He doesn’t want to govern but only wants to complain and blame those stingy Republicans for our problems.

— Keith Snelson