Goshen News, Goshen, IN

March 15, 2013

There needs to be a pool at GHS

— I write this letter in regard to The Goshen News article (March 11), titled, “Is it time to get out of the pool?”

My answer is, “No!” Throughout the entire article there was no mention of a new pool for the high school. Goshen has always had a great swim program and a feeder program to bring good swimmers up into the middle and high school levels. The swimmers need a pool in their building; this is their “football field,” their “basketball court, their “soccer field.”

Swimmers usually have two practices a day — before and after school. They need the pool to be in the building where they are attending school. I am very award of articles stating the problem of funding bus transportation. Are we asking all swim classes to be given up because the school couldn’t afford to transport students to another building? Those swim classes provide great physical fitness for our kids, along with teaching many how to swim.

Let’s see a fair and balanced article about the cost of a new pool in our high school. The tax burden for this community center will hit many, and it won’t be free to join. The cost per family or individual will be quite large. We have been a swimming family and I support a new pool at Goshen High School. Let’s have an article about that cost.

— Polly Chevalier