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April 16, 2014

Letters for April 16, 2014

Goshen News

---- — Talking turkey about chickens

Let’s talk turkey about urban chickens and the continued attempt by the Goshen City Council to pass an ordinance (see article on A1 of today’s paper) allowing city residents to raise up to six chickens for their eggs. While I have nothing against chickens — as a matter of fact I eat them weekly — I would be a bit concerned if my neighbor decided to erect a coop 15 feet from my lot line. While the county requires a 3-acre plot of land to raise chicks the city is only talking about 15 feet setback and no yard size requirement? I find that unacceptable.

I have other concerns. Predators for one thing. Will we have an increase of raccoons, possums, snakes, foxes and rats, which are especially fond of chicken feed, in our neighborhoods? The larger predators are also a hazard to those owning small dogs which might be left outside and become prey for the predators.

And then there is the enforcement issue. All ordinances should be enforced. Would the city need to hire additional personnel or would they turn it over to Toody and Muldoon to handle? Just asking because that’s a scary thought in itself.

— Bob Schrameyer


Paying it forward

So glad to know that good things do still happen. I went to Lux Cafe after church for my dinner. I asked the waitress to please bring me my bill. She told me that someone else had paid it. I told her I didn’t even know anyone in there. She told me she didn’t believe they knew me either. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. I said something to the cashier and she told me that the same thing had happened several other times today. I told her that I would also pay it forward to someone. My thanks to someone and may God Bless you like I was blessed.

— Gloria Bolton


Show Russia we’re serious with action

If the United States is not capable of supplying and manning the International Space Station without Russia it should be abandoned as a protest over Russian actions.

It is totally absurd to continue any dealings with Russia of any type. By having any type of trade or commerce we are being two-faced and it denies the seriousness of the situation. We must totally do without any dealings with Russia in order to have total trade embargoes that would show Russia that we are serious.

— David A. Shepard