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April 4, 2014

LETTERS FOR APRIL 4, 2014: Say, ‘Yes,’ to Concord students

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---- — Say, ‘Yes,’ toConcord students

On May 29, I was sitting in the balcony at the Beickman Performing Arts Center at Concord High School, watching the music department’s annual “Carnival” concert.

Once again, the musicians, singers and dancers put on an outstanding showcase of their talents, but I couldn’t help but think about the choice Concord patrons have before them on May 6 and how it impacts those students. While the students and teachers are most affected, property taxpayers are a close behind.

The school system has had a property tax shortfall of $10 million since 2008. We are fortunate to have administrators and school board members who have found creative ways to shift money to cover the shortfall so far. In doing so, they’ve protected our property values as well. Concord has a tradition of high-quality education, something that draws businesses and individuals to our community and ultimately boosts our property values.

But the school system is facing another $4.2 million shortfall this year. The time has come where the administration cannot creatively find ways to pay for the basics. It’s not about crying wolf; this is reality. We need to step up.

If we say “Yes for Concord Kids” on May 6, we’ll show our support for the performers and their fellow students who are faced with overcrowded classrooms and lagging technology. Many of these students ride buses to school and to extracurricular activities: Some of the buses have outlived their expected lifespan.

I am a 1985 graduate of Concord and I have two children at the high school — a senior and a sophomore. I support Concord’s May 6 referendum because I know the positive impact the school system has had on the students in my family and the greater community.

— Stephanie SibalGoshen

Candidate says he’ll fight for rights of gun owners

I am pleased and humbled to receive the endorsement of the Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund. This endorsement by the Gun Owners of America speaks to clear differences between my opponent and me on Second Amendment issues, and will help me secure victory for the Republican nomination in House District 22 on May 6.

My opponent had an opportunity this past session to be clear in supporting the right to keep and bear arms in Indiana. Instead, she cast a terrible anti-gun rights vote.

SB229 is a good piece of legislation that passed this year and has been signed by the governor. One of its key provisions is to allow persons with a carry permit to secure a firearm out of sight in a locked vehicle on school grounds. Guns are still not allowed inside schools, but as of July 1, they may be secured properly in a vehicle on school grounds.

Without this provision, staffers who work at a school, and parents who visit a school, are effectively disarmed for their trip to and from the school, and possibly all day. These law-abiding citizens should not be disarmed on their commute, nor for other errands they may have to perform that day.

When House Democrats tried to strip out this key provision from SB229, using Amendment 1, my opponent was the only Republican voting with the Democrats to disarm Hoosiers.

This attempt to strip SB229 failed, and my opponent flip-flopped to support the bill on final passage, but she is on record voting with the Democrats to disarm Hoosiers on Amendment 1.

I strongly support the rights of Hoosiers to keep and bear arms, and I will fight for these rights as your voice in the State House.

— Curt NislyCandidate for District 22 state representative, Goshen