Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 26, 2013

Many people in Goshen can't handle another tax

Goshen News

---- — To the taxpayers of Goshen and especially you older people around my age, who have been duped by the propaganda mills of the liberal free spenders of this city. Not all people are endowed with a silver spoon in their mouth. Some older people who lived through The Great Depression have now lost their homes to tax sales. Now the spenders wish to tax us more with a ($17.15 million) Taj Mahal swimming pool project.

We currently have two pools in Goshen and they will serve us for many years to come if they are well maintained. I have called schools in this area and this is what I’ve found:

• Warsaw High School — This pool was built in 1989 and is still in use today. The school has 2,200 students.

• Wawasee High School — This pool was built in 1968 and is still in use today. The school has 1.500 students.

• Elkhart schools — No new pools built in the last decade.

In 2010, 1,500 properties were up for sale. In 2011, 1,575 properties were up for tax sale. Goshen Community Schools are already bonded out for $50 million. We taxpayers are paying on this debt for 20 more years.

Think about this: Who closed their pool up last year? Who would like a nice Olympic-sized pool? Who just cost the taxpayers $1.3 million for a tunnel under the railroad?

People can’t afford more taxes. Vote no.

— Ralph Frauhiger