Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 19, 2012

President Obama is neither a Marxist or socialist

— Rebuttal to Elkhart’s Sherry Moore (Oct. 17 letters):

You give no proof that President Obama wants a Marxist, socialist government. A Marxist wants everything controlled by government and a socialist wants all citizens to share in benefits, but with a government to make sure this happens.

Marx was a Communist who wanted both an economic and political system. Socialism is mainly an economic system. Socialists see capitalism as a part of the ideal state and that everyone within the society will benefit from capitalism as much as possible and controlled by a centralized planning system. Socialist governments include Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany and Great Britain.

China, Cuba, North Korea and Russia are communist, not socialist. Venezuela is a dictatorship.

President Obama inherited a failing economy and two wars. His programs have stalled because the Republican controlled Congress will not vote on them because they have stated they want the president to fail.

Gov. Mitt Romney does not give specifics on what he will do to save us and he wants the rich to get breaks. U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan keeps criticizing the president’s budget that he authored as head of the Congressional budget committee.

I do agree, if you are unhappy with the current person in charge, vote or go somewhere else and that applies to us all.

Free speech is still respected by both candidates even if we disagree with them, just vote your choice.

— Richard Lay