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March 22, 2014

LETTERS FOR MARCH 22, 2014: Goshen Council does a chicken dance

Goshen News

---- — This letter is in response to the Goshen City Council’s decision to postpone further action on a chicken-keeping ordinance and the concerns they have listed. I live in a rural area of Goshen. My husband and I have raised chickens for years as pets and for the benefit of fresh eggs. I do not live in the city of Goshen and do understand your concerns for keeping chickens in town.

I believe the limitations the ordinance has listed are reasonable. Limiting the number of chickens to six is a good number for easier care. I do not believe the city would have a problem with residents selling eggs with at the number of allowed chickens proposed. An owner would be lucky to get four of the six hens to lay an egg a day. This is a nice amount of eggs to feed a family.

Also, I think the suggestion that Council Member Everett Thomas gave for the disposal of chickens was an excellent one. We have taken our old chickens to Martin’s Chicken Butchering in Foraker for years to be butchered. In addition, local soup kitchens have butchers who will take donated chickens to be processed for free for the kitchens.

I want to encourage the Goshen City Council to consider passing the ordinance in the future. Chickens are beautiful birds, easy maintenance (especially at the limit proposed), provide nutritious eggs and can be a good pet for children. And personally, I love seeing chickens roaming in my front yard. Yes a fence or coop would be needed in town but what a homey sight to see.

— Mary Pettifor


The definition of insanity

I once attended a seminar conducted by a psychiatrist. The subject was mental health. One thing that I learned was, “How to define insanity.”

The doctor said that a person who considers himself to be correct and that everyone else is wrong can be classified as being insane. It matters not what the subject is, but religion is a common subject. It was religious people who killed Jesus. Religious people also killed one of my ancestors during the time of the reformation. His tombstone can be seen in Switzerland.

I believe what the doctor said is correct, but I hasten to say that there may be those who may have a different opinion.

— John Stalter


Putin-free Ukraine

The Ukraine was often called the breadbasket of the former Soviet Union.

What’s needed now is a Putin-free diet in the sovereign nation known as Ukraine.

— Dan Shenk