Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 30, 2013

Pool project isnot an essential

— In a few days Goshen residents will have a chance to go to the polls and decide if we will have higher taxes. Will we agree to spend more than $17 million and inflict a 20-year hike in taxes in return for a high school pool? I say no, the economy still isn’t as steady as it should be and every dollar taken in taxes is money that could have grown the economy in the private sector.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and many residents cannot afford an increase in their taxes. Is it really worth adding another burden on working citizens? Taxes should be kept as low as possible, and there is nothing more permanent then a temporary tax increase.

I also take issue with the fact that we are considering spending money on what should be seen as more of a “luxury” project when bus routes have been cut for students. Getting students quickly and safely to school obviously should be the priority. A new pool would be nice; many potential projects that cost taxpayer dollars would be nice. But that doesn’t mean that we should spend millions of dollars on them while priorities are ignored. In this day and age we must be very careful on what we spend our taxpayer dollars on.

I encourage you to say yes to bus routes for students, say no to millions in non-essential projects.

— Benjamin Rogers