Goshen News, Goshen, IN

April 3, 2013

God’s word still rules

— So this is what this evolutionary 50-year “sexual revolution” hath wrought. Nevertheless, we still are very much male and female, flesh and blood and in need of being born again as Jesus said. God did not create man and woman in his image as only a male or as only a female. See Genesis 1:27. Think about that.

No matter what the majority of people might say, or what any court of law might decide, the sexist gay movement where a marriage completely forsakes and excludes the other gender (anti-racists should understand) is not sustainable either physically or spiritually, morally or fiscally. Current government conditions already bear this out.

Nothing can supersede the authority of God’s word. At a very notable event in history where not even 10 righteous people could be found to prevent judgment, Abraham asked, “Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?” — Genesis 18:25. Twice, at age 21 and at 23, I was confronted with pressure similar to as it was at Sodom. If I would live like that I could not be a Red Cross blood donor. What has become of our government?

Jonathan Stoltzfus