Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 4, 2013

Americans should not be disarmed

— There are reports legislators want to totally disarm the American people by forbidding ownership and manufacture of firearms, magazines and ammunition. This is not only a total violation of the 2nd Amendment but a very dangerous action.

Eliminating gun ownership will affect our national security. Our sworn enemies would like nothing better than to have the people of the United States completely unarmed.

As a veteran, I feel disarming the citizenry can allow a tyrannical government to rise to power, unfettered and uncontrolled. Throwing off the shackles of tyranny is the main premise for the Declaration of Independence as stated in the preamble. By forcibly taking firearms from the law-abiding public whether by legislation, outright confiscation or forced buy-backs is not the answer to our current problem. There are bigger societal issues. Poor enforcement of current laws and lack of prosecution for the commission of a felony while using a firearm are both culprits. Mental health care issues, glorifying the use of firearms by the entertainment and video game industry are contributing factors. Apparently the lessons learned from prohibition have been forgotten. Criminal activity flourished. Thusly when private citizens have no guns, the criminals will still have them.

Children need to be protected. What is wrong with providing armed security in our schools? Our children deserve as much protection as John Q Public attending a football game. We even provide security for our public servants.

Guns are not the problem. Guns do not fire by themselves. This perpetrator could have used a bomb or even a box cutter. Four airliners were taken down Sept. 11, 2001 and more than 3,000 Americans lost their lives (due to terrorists using) box cutters.

— Thomas Parrish