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January 5, 2014

LETTERS FOR JAN. 5, 2014: Homosexuals want a wedding; won’t compromise on marriage exemptions

Goshen News

---- — In reference to an article about Advance America’s constitutional flier, a quote from a homosexual dismissed the concerns of those who believe the Bible as being unfounded. Yet, the very next day there was another instance of a homosexual couple suing another business for not accommodating their homosexual wedding demands. This time, the owners of the cake business are facing jail time. Jail time? For NOT entering into a contract to make a cake? This is even in a state where homosexual marriage is banned in their constitution.

In Mississippi a homosexual couple got married in California, then resided in Mississippi. Now they want a divorce, but the state will not grant them one because Mississippi does not recognize homosexual marriage. Now the homosexual couple is suing the state for not granting them a divorce. Their goal is to force Mississippi into recognizing their marriage by divorcing them. Using divorce to support marriage? Once again, calling the profane holy.

If our constitution is not changed, how many churches will be sued for not allowing a homosexual wedding in their church? How many pastors will be sued for not performing a wedding. Don’t kid yourself into some compromise with a religious exemption, homosexuals will not accept it. They want a wedding, in an “offending” church, in spite of God and his followers, and will not stop until they do.

A homosexual activist group in New Jersey just pulled a homosexual marriage bill from the legislators because it had an exemption for churches and religious organizations. They don’t want anyone to be exempt. The problem is, the church, aka: the Bride of Christ, is not a building or non-profit organization, but a collection of believers. One cannot exempt a building when it is the believers that make up the living organization.

— Steven Hite


Who is the real Rebecca Kubacki?

State Rep. Rebecca Kubacki said, “The best people to decide what is good for our children are our parents and teachers right here in our district — not bureaucrats in Indianapolis.” But, then she votes for Common Core, the federal takeover of our education. District 22 deserves better. I think it’s time for a pink slip for Rebecca on May 6, 2014.

— Teresa Martin

Silver Lake, Ind.