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January 4, 2014

READER'S POINT OF VIEW: Indiana doesn’t want Obamacare

Goshen News

---- — An open letter to U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana:

As a longtime resident of Indiana, I have been proud of many of our elected officials. I must say however, that I have been disappointed in your position on several critical issues. I don’t know how you run your personal finances, but I hope you don’t use the same criteria for them that you and your Democratic Party have shown for our country’s budget and my tax money.

My concern is especially for our children, grandchildren and well beyond. Their futures are already mortgaged far beyond any hope they would have of recovering. When George Bush was president our current president stated that it was unpatriotic to increase our national debt by $2 trillion over a term of eight years. Our national debt has increased by $7 trillion in less that four years under Obama. So, how patriotic does that make him? It makes him a hypocrite for one thing and also clearly irresponsible. When the Republicans in the House have voted for and approved a more responsible budget many times, your Senate leader, Harry Reid, has not even allowed those measures to be voted on in the Senate. And your party accuses the Republicans of causing gridlock. What a joke.

I was surprised you voted for the “nuclear option.” I heard statements from Democrats when Republicans merely mentioned using it a few years ago. Two that stood out were by Joe Biden. One was saying such an action would “abandon America’s sense of fair play,” and the other was, “And I pray to God, when the Democrats take back control, we don’t do the kind of naked power grab that you are doing now.”

I realize you were not in the Senate when it was rammed through, but did you even read the “Obamacare” bill before you supported it, or did you follow Nancy Pelosi’s lead and support it, then read it? Or have you ever read it? If you took President Obama’s word, shame on you. I think even you would admit if a Republican were president and had said what Obama said about keeping our present insurance and medical providers, you would have urged his resignation or impeachment. This lie is adversely affecting millions of Americans.

I’m not sure you realize that every poll taken recently — whether by liberal or conservative pollsters — has shown the American people are strongly opposed to Obamacare, especially in Indiana. The wishes of Hoosiers should be your first concern, not the wants of President Obama or your Democratic Party.

I will be awaiting your response and explanation for your position on the aforementioned issues.


— James Gunn,