Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 27, 2012

Campaign rhetoric full of laughs

— Humor is all around us — even in politics. Sometimes I smile when watching political ads.

Jackie Walorski has a couple out in which she portrays Brendan Mullen as a “D.C. insider” and who has “liberal values.”

Brendan Mullen has three homes in Washington D.C. and has not lived here in five years, so the assumption is he is out of touch with Hoosiers and will be a “lifer” while in Congress.

Well, Brendan Mullen proposes a self-imposed three- to four-term limit while in Congress. I emailed Jackie Walorski on her idea on what she would do so as not to be “entrenched” as a D.C. insider. I know she’s busy, so I have not heard from her as of yet.

As a D.C. Insider, Brendan Mullen would obviously be swayed by the “liberal values” floating around in D.C. Brendan Mullen must be pro-choice. Well, no. He’s very strong on the rights of the unborn.

Obviously Brendan Mullen is for all kinds of gun control. Actually, he is for the Second Amendment and gun rights.

Brendan Mullen doesn’t have any business experience, so he obviously doesn’t know how to create job. Well, actually he’s run a couple of businesses.

Brendan Mullen must be one of those anti-war liberals. Let see, he served in Iraq.

Obviously Brendan Mullen is for more government spending. Well, no. He proposes a 10-percent cut in congressional pay until the budget is balanced.

Thanks for the chuckle, Jackie.

— Brian Hartman