Goshen News, Goshen, IN

March 15, 2013

We should have flu shot freedom

— There are varied opinions, beliefs,emotions regarding the influenza vaccine. I am not opposed to all vaccines. I fully support researched vaccines that eradicate a disease such as polio and smallpox. The flu vaccine is no such vaccine.

 Martin Magers (letters, Feb. 28) missed the CDC release that the flu vaccine was only 9 percent effective for those 65 and over who received it, this being one of the target populations recommended to get it. Any other product with a 9 percent efficiency wouldn’t even be offered or sold on the market.    

Facilities across the nation mandate the flu vaccine. Thousands more received it. Outcome? More flu and more hospitalizations. Scientifically the trend should have been less flu, not more. Promoters of the vaccine claim little or no side effects. Yet, one must sign a waiver upon receiving the vaccine to release the facility or pharmaceutical from liability. Could it be there is no scientific data for verification, or maybe no one wants accountability for the product?        

 A young adult could receive 40-50 flu vaccines in their lifetime. Each vaccine is developed from the previous year’s virus. Each individual who receives the flu vaccine is technically a research subject by the government without written consent. To appreciate the reality of this, Dr. Jane Orient has an excellent critique using the Nuremberg Code criteria in the Winter 2012 issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons( www.jpands.org).  

 God gave us each a unique body. We are stewards of this body. As adult citizens of the United States, we should have the freedom to choose what we consume or inject into our own bodies, and be protected from violation of our religious beliefs and human rights.

Healthcare professionals or not, it should be a personal choice whether one chooses to receive the flu vaccine.

— Ethel Hoover