Goshen News, Goshen, IN

June 12, 2013

‘Thank you’ doesn’t say enough

— It weighs heavy on my heart to read about the recent transportation budget cuts for the Goshen High School music and athletic departments. I certainly understand that difficulties arise and appropriate cuts have to be made. This is not a letter of argument, but of encouragement.

As a GHS graduate, I had the good fortune to participate in the music program under the direction of Susan Ellington, Marcia Yost and former band director David Plank. The words “thank you” cannot begin to express how much I appreciate them and their dedication to their craft. I could have learned to sing and play a snare drum out of books at home. They did not teach me the notes on the page. They taught me discipline, responsibility, accountability and the value of hard work. And it was so fun that I did not even know they were making me a better person in the process.

To the educators: Your impact remains long past the time spent with these students in your classroom. You are irreplaceable. To the students: You have some of the finest directors, coaches and teachers in the state. Every minute of rehearsing, training, studying and fundraising is well worth your time invested. To the community: Go to a concert or athletic event. Buy a stuffed potato from the orchestra boosters on First Fridays. Make a donation. You are not giving gas money. You are providing opportunities for these young people to foster their passion, hone their skills and share amazing talents with their community. And you are shaping the lives of future veterinarians, therapists, elementary educators, EMTs and lawyers.

— Susan Miller

Muncie, Ind