Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 31, 2012

Mourdock’s comment illustrates his lack of understanding

— Rape is rape! It is a criminal act. It is one of the most dehumanizing, degrading and barbarous actions inflicted upon other human beings, whether they are female or male, children or adult.  

It leaves the victim with a lifetime of devastation that never fully recedes. It cannot be rationalized as politically or religiously correct. It can never be justified or defended. It is not only unconscionable for Richard Mourdock, as well as other political figures, to play with this awful experience. It demonstrates a morally and spiritually bankrupt understanding of the human person.

For Mourdock to place God’s blessing on anything related to rape is so wrong. To think that he wants the public trust to make policy decisions for our country is contemptible. The only way for Mr. Mourdock to get out of his mess is to bow out of this race, give up any future political ambition and try to make peace with not only his God, but to all whom he has offended.  

— Lloyd Miller