Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 12, 2012

A plea to moderate Republicans


— This letter is a plea to my moderate Republican friends. The Republican Party that I used to be part of and respected for the way its members worked across the aisle bears little resemblance to the Republican Party I see in Congress today. This is no longer the party of Mark Hatfield, Chuck Percy, Everett Dirksen and Dick Lugar. It isn’t even the party of Ronald Reagan because Tea Party Republicans today would vote against virtually everything Reagan did as president.

A Republican vote this year will only embolden the extreme, ideologically-based Tea Party wing to move even further to the right—and could easily cause the destruction of what once was a very fine center-right Republican Party. The result will push the nation even more deeply into radical, dysfunctional gridlock. This isn’t what the framers of the Constitution intended and it isn’t what classic Republicanism has historically stood for.

I know it will be hard, but the future of the Republican Party needs you to vote Democratic this year. Tell the Tea Party wing it doesn’t represent what you have stood for all your life. To save the Republican Party as a respected, legitimate voice in American life, take a deep breath and, just this once, vote Democratic.

Restore the Republican Party we both once knew and respected. No one will see what you do; your vote is a secret matter. But the Republican Party and the nation will have a much stronger future if you have the courage to resist the strident, shrill politics of the radical Tea Party fringe.

Your children and grandchildren will someday thank you for making it possible for them to vote for the Republican Party that you and I both remember once existed.

— Donald Blosser