Goshen News, Goshen, IN

February 12, 2014

LETTERS FOR FEB. 12, 2014: Millersburg is a great community

Goshen News

---- — We are such fortunate people to live in our small town of Millersburg, Indiana.

The Marshall takes his turn at plowing streets and driveways, along with his normal duties of keeping our town a safe place to live in with such pride.

Many thanks to Marshal Keith Hathaway, Matt King and Avery Ferguson for all the extra time and work you have given this winter to keep our streets plowed for us to travel on and make it such a pleasant place to live in.

I hesitate to list all the other people who live and work in our town in case I would omit someone, but our deepest thanks to all who make our small town a terrific place to retire in.

We appreciate all the work you do at times like these for the good of all the people who live in the town. May God bless us all.

— Irvin and Shirley Kritzman


No amnesty for ‘illegals’

We were alarmed and disappointed to read about the meeting between the Goshen Police and the Latino community. The legally immigrated Latinos in our community should also be upset that our law enforcement seems to want to “look the other way” when someone is stopped for a traffic violation and can’t produce a valid driver’s license.

We shouldn’t be looking for reasons to not deport those who are here illegally, using our hospital emergency rooms as doctor’s offices, taking jobs that legal citizens are entitled to and stealing identities of legal citizens. Our local authorities should be working with ICE and the FBI to remove these lawbreakers from our city, not hiding what’s going on in Goshen.

The legal citizens of Goshen should be the ones having a meeting with the authorities for answers as to why they don’t enforce laws already on the books to control immigration and the hiring of illegal immigrants, who don’t pay taxes, send much of their money out of the country and live in single-dwelling homes with multiple families inhabiting them.

If we could remove those illegally here, we would have enough jobs for every legal citizen who truly wants to work. And our taxes wouldn’t keep going up to pay for the social services that they take at no cost. Our citizens wouldn’t have to wait hours in the emergency rooms for true emergencies, while illegals use the ER’s as free clinics. Our children wouldn’t have to wait in their classrooms while, “The other lady tells the Spanish kids what the teacher said.”

No amnesty! And enforce the immigration laws already on the books.

— Bob and Deb Clarke


Water Department comes through

I would like to tell all my friends and neighbors what professional and kind people are working at our (Goshen) water department. When I reported not having any water on Saturday morning, they responded within 15 minutes and kept me informed on what they were doing. They worked all day and until after dark to finally get my water line thawed and working. Great job.

— Mary Miller