Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 3, 2012

President has done a good job

— In reply to Ruth Mark’s letter in the Oct. 25 edition of The Goshen News regarding the Tea Party:

She is concerned, like all of us, with issues of federal, state and local spending and debt. Under Clinton all those matters came to be tended in a bipartisan way. After 9/11 the strong economic performance floundered and large national debt piled up at the start of Obama’s first term.

Obama inherited a recession/depression, and his recovery efforts were resisted by Republicans like Mitt Romney who wanted to let the American auto industry go bankrupt so that the Japanese industry would have completely taken over.

I believe the recovery funds given by Washington, D.C. were actually too small by about half, so that the recovery would have been more complete by now. In fact, the economy has rebounded significantly, so that Obama’s victory next week is more assured, whether or not Indiana is part of his column.

Obama has been a God-fearing, honest and open leader. Mitt Romney wouldn’t fear God to any greater extent than President Obama.

The world is less dangerous than when Obama became president and your fear of the United Nations is misplaced. They will not be putting a tax on the internet. But, what would be wrong with having money to put U.N. peacekeepers in action around the world?

We are all concerned for un(der)employed Americans, but Mr. Romney is expert in outsourcing our jobs to foreign nations rather than being a small business job incubator.

Speaking of $1.9 trillion in new taxes: At least Obama’s math adds up. Mitt Romney’s numbers don’t add up. Romney’s platform has little of substance and he would repeal the Affordable Care Act, even though its been upheld by the Supreme Court.

— Joe Lehman