Goshen News, Goshen, IN

June 20, 2012

Reading in the summer a cool thing to do


— Each Monday, The Goshen News publishes a listing of activities at libraries throughout our community. This Monday, for instance, our readers were informed of “Funday Mondays” at the Goshen Public Library, “Thriller” lessons at the Milford Public Library and “Hey Diddle Diddle” crafts at the Wakarusa Public Library.

It takes time and commitment to gather these lists of activities each week and we would certainly like to thank our local librarians for their help in getting us the information on a routine basis. We publish this listing because we think it is important and because we believe our libraries are an essential community resource that can pay lifetime dividends for so many of us.

Libraries are important for so many reasons. They provide a resource for both intellectual and social enrichment. Families that may not have the resources to buy books, musical recordings or computers have access to all three at their public library. Families who may not have time to plan elaborate craft activities can also find them at their public libraries.

Summer is the perfect time for parents and children to connect with their local library. While we certainly advocate plenty of outdoor activity, we also encourage reading, reading and then more reading during the dog days of June, July and August. Children tend to get into a reading groove during school and see summer as a reprieve. This should not be the case. Summer reading is an import component in retaining knowledge and picking up steam for the upcoming school year.

Here are a few common tips for parents in encouraging children to read during the summer:

• Read aloud with your child each day.

• Set a good example by turning off the television and reading in a quite environment.

• For more advanced students, read the same books as they are and discuss what is happening.

• Take your child to the library.

• Subscribe to a magazine in your child’s name.

• Have a contest: Who can read the most books during the summer. Post the list on the refrigerator.

A child with their nose in a book is a wonderful thing to see. Watching the wheels of knowledge turning through their eyes is simply beautiful. There are a bunch of great libraries around us willing and able to paint us that picture. So crack open a book and get lost in a story. Because any day we read is a funday.