Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 29, 2013

Art House would aid Goshen’s evolution



On Monday an article ran in The Goshen News that reminded us what a great community we have. It wasn’t a particularly important article and, quite frankly, we don’t even know how the story might end at this point. We are optimistic it will have a happy ending.

The story was centered on Adrienne Nesbitt, artistic director at downtown Goshen’s New World Arts, a theatrical group that has drawn rave reviews from throughout the area. Nesbitt’s vision is to transition New World Arts, which is located on the second floor of 211 S. Main St., into Art House. The expanded concept for the intimate venue would continue to be home to New World Players and Goshen’s GoProv improvisational comedy troupe. Art House would also offer an independent film component to showcase independent films, foreign movies, family nights and horror movies, among other community events, according to the article.

Nesbitt indicated that Art House Music would feature concerts and CD release parties. She said Art House Media would feature art shows, multimedia events and interactive art workshops. If the concept comes to fruition, Art House would be yet another wonderful addition to a Goshen art scene that continues to bolster its reputation as a regional entertainment hub.

We have not been shy about heaping praise on the go-getters who have transformed Goshen’s downtown into a destination many other communities envy and attempt to emulate. First Fridays, Ignition Garage and a healthy mix of multi-generational businesses and new entrepreneurship have helped guide the evolution of this fine city. There are times, not unlike this past Monday, when we prepare an article and marvel at the talent, foresight and ambition of our creative class. They are well on their way to defining how Goshen is perceived and experienced.

We wish Nesbitt and everybody else at New World Arts well on this venture. They need our help. The group has been on a mission to raise $15,000 in order to activate a matching grant from the Elkhart County Community Foundation. The deadline for that effort is Tuesday. Please consider helping this cause by visiting http://gah.mobi/kickstarter and making a donation.

We believe Art House would be a valuable addition to a community already doing so many thing right.