Goshen News, Goshen, IN

February 11, 2012

Globe’s quality is coming in loud and clear


— The Globe is aptly named.

Thanks to the Internet — and via globeradio.org — listeners worldwide have the opportunity to check out Goshen College’s radio station. Minus the web, local listeners can dial in to 91.1 FM and hear WGCS in about a 40-mile radius around campus.

Like what you hear on The Globe? Yeah, we do too. Apparently we’re not alone.

The Globe has been nominated for 15 broadcasting awards by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Association. That’s the most nominations of any institution in the country.

Goshen College is one of 26 colleges and universities to have finalists named in the contest. And for the second year in a row, WGCS is a finalist for the Best College Station. The Globe won in that category last year, and though we’re a little biased, The News thinks the station has a decent shot at repeating that distinction.

No need to take our word for it. Just listen.

WGCS started in 1958, and for years had a classical music format. These days the station leans toward Americana, a genre broadly defined and one the on-air talent doesn’t stick with religiously.

Best just to think of The Globe as a broadcasting mix, one that also includes news, public affairs and sports, not to mention a Sunday morning church service. WGCS appeals to a range of listener tastes.

Credit that appeal to the GC students behind the mic at The Globe.

In an interview with The News last year, station manager Jason Samuel termed The Globe a “living laboratory,” with the goal of operating as professionally as possible. It’s a place where students hone their skills, potentially with an eye toward radio careers. Their experience gained in Goshen serves them well elsewhere.

That so many GC students are up for college radio awards says much about the WGCS learning environment. Likewise, WGCS sends a positive message about Goshen.

The Globe is billed as a home for culturally progressive music. In a sense, the station mirrors a culturally progressive Maple City. Goshen has become an artistic hub in recent years, and a vibrant college radio station complements that shift. Goshen and the Goshen College radio station fit well together.

Winners in the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System competition will be announced at a conference in New York City March 2 to 4. The News is confident Globe staffers will come home as award-winners, but we’ll keep listening either way. We like what we hear.

Stay tuned.