Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 22, 2013

A 'batter' way to help others

Goshen News

---- — If you haven’t had breakfast yet today, we know of a good place to go to eat. That place is the Salvation Army, 1013 N. Main St. in Goshen.

Today is being recognized as the 50th anniversary of Pancake Day, a unique event that is used to raise funds for the Salvation Army. Early today, before the sun rose, volunteers gathered in the small kitchen at the Army’s headquarters to begin mixing batter, unload packages of sausages and fired up the grills.

TODAY’S FUNDRAISING GOAL is $70,000, which would be a great accomplishment as last year’s revenue from the event was around $60,000. The money raised is turned around quickly to help the people of Elkhart County who have fallen on hard times.

The Salvation Army is one of the county’s most important social service agencies. The Army’s first mission of course is serving the spiritual needs of local people and through that Christian mission the membership reaches out to help the thousands of people who are struggling financially to get by.

In an article in The Goshen News promoting Pancake Day, Maj. Allen Hanton noted the widespread support for Pancake Day from Elkhart County organizations goes far beyond what he has seen in the other communities he has served in. We too have seen that outpouring of support for many years. Each year members of churches and local service clubs provide many hours of unselfish service to cook, wait tables, sell tickets, park cars, unload trailers of food and generally make the event a great success.

ANOTHER LARGE PART of the day’s success has been the turnout from across the community. It is a tradition for many office groups to open the day with breakfast or turnout for lunch. In the process of enjoying a meal together, supporters of the event put dollars in the Army’s coffers that will be used for many months to help their friends and neighbors. Eating out today is a great way to help others.

For those who have never attended a Pancake Day, there may still be time for you to do so. Pancakes and sausage will be served until 7 p.m. If it’s too late in the day to help out this year, please mark your calendar for a reminder to look for the date for Pancake Day next November.