Goshen News, Goshen, IN

February 1, 2014

EDITORIAL: School security is a logical expense

Goshen News

---- — We hope it’s a waste of money. We hope that years from now, Goshen residents will wonder why Goshen school board members felt the need to accept a particular state grant. After all, they had to match it. Circa 2014, money was tight.

That is our hoped-for future regarding Goshen Community Schools. In the present day, though, The Goshen News knows the school board did the right thing.

AT ITS MONDAY MEETING, the school board voted to accept a $50,000 matching grant from state officials. The funding will be used to buy and install security cameras in each of the corporation’s nine school buildings.

Assistant GCS Superintendent Bob Evans said cameras with phones will be located at school entrances, and there will also be networked security cameras inside the schools. Goshen police will have remote access to the monitors.

In tandem with the camera plan, a team focused on security is being developed within the school corporation. Five principals and assistant principals have already gone through training to be school safety specialists. Two more are set to be trained before this year comes to a close.

THE NEED TO BOLSTER security in schools isn’t an abstract concern, in Goshen or anywhere else.

The News will spare you a rundown of high-profile incidents of heartbreaking mayhem in public arenas. We’re sure you’re well aware.

You’re likely aware, too, that enhanced security is in no way a fail-safe against awful events taking place. Still, school officials are tasked with providing the safest possible environment for our children — to say nothing of the teachers and staff we count among our friends and neighbors. Video surveillance is a benefit to Goshen police being able to coordinate the best response to trouble.

THE GOSHEN NEWS would love to see $50,000 spent on something else. Time is valuable, and we’d like nothing more than the time school administrators spend becoming security specialists being allocated elsewhere. Education, perhaps?

We’d like the world to be better than what it is. And we wish we weren’t praising Goshen Community Schools officials and board members for doing exactly what they should.