Goshen News, Goshen, IN

February 8, 2012

New library rental fees set


MIDDLEBURY — The Middlebury Town Council amended the Middlebury Public Library's community room use policy Monday, with the primary change being an increase in rental fees for the library's three community rooms.

   While the rent for a single room will remain at $50, the new rate for the use of two rooms will be raised to $100 and rental for all three rooms will be hiked to $150, according to town Manager Mark Salee. The new two-room rate will be an increase of $25, while the rent for three rooms will be $50 higher than the current rate.

The deposit held for community rooms will be the following: one room, $25; two rooms, $50; and three rooms, $75. 

Council member Jon Ottinger said that all three rooms have a capacity of about 50 people each.

More minor changes in the amended community room policy involve language and firearms.

A wording change was adopted to make Middlebury's community room policy consistent with language used in a policy by a national libraries governing association for keeping community rooms open, Salee said.

Town attorney Craig Buche said that a prohibition on carrying firearms into the community rooms was removed from the current community room policy to conform with existing Indiana code.  However, the new community room policy does not state that firearms may be carried into the library, either, he said.

The policy changes were recommended by a joint committee of members of Middlebury's library board and town council, as well as the town manager, Salee said.

Despite town council president Gary O'Dell's comment that Middlebury is "much less serviced" by the Elkhart County Humane Society, the council approved a renewal of its interlocal agreement with the society for animal control services in Middlebury for 2012.  The cost of those services will remain at $5,400 per year.

There were no changes in the contract.

The Middlebury Park and Recreation Board will meet at 6 p.m., Feb. 15 at the town hall on North Main Street.

The next council meeting will be held there at 6 p.m. Feb. 20.