Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 4, 2012


Four other local bands also in top 10


— INDIANAPOLIS — The Crimson Marching Band of Goshen High School pulled out all the stops with “Musica d’organo” and placed second at ISSMA State Finals Saturday afternoon at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Concord placed fifth and Northridge sixth in Class B competition. In Class C competition, NorthWood placed sixth and Fairfield placed seventh.

“Awesome. Just awesome,” said Goshen Marching Band Director Tom Cox. “This is fantastic. I am so proud of the kids. And I’m so happy for our friends at Jasper. We kind of go back and forth. We haven’t won, they haven’t won. So I’m really glad it was Jasper. It was just awesome today. These kids — they were beautiful.”

Goshen Drum Major Lauren Detweiler, out of breath but smiling, was happy with the show.

“That’s was a wonderful run. Easily the best we’ve had,” Detweiler said. “It’s so, so big in here. It’s a little hard to adjust, but they did well and figured it out. We are so excited.”

When the Concord Marching Minutemen left the field after “Clash of Patterns,” there were high fives, plenty of smiles and several tears of joy. Last year’s state champions were pleased with their show.

“That was the best show of the year, and the best time to have it,” said Concord Director Scott Spradling.

Assistant Director Steve Peterson was also pleased.

“It was very energetic performance and it had a lot of the “It” that we were looking for,” Peterson said. “There was a lot of sparkle and showmanship and a lot of good technical things going on.”

Drum Major Austin Robbins was moved to tears.

“Oh my gosh! It was just an incredible opportunity for any kid to be able to come and do this and play for thousands of fans. And they’re going crazy,” Robbins said. “It brought me to tears. I’m so grateful for what I have at Concord and what I get to participate in.”

After the awards were announced the mood changed drastically. Most of the band members left the field in tears, stunned after learning of their fifth-place showing. Director Spradling remained positive.

“We knew the competition was going to be tough. We knew it was going to be tight. With the caliber of bands here I knew we could be anywhere,” Spradling said. “We were hoping to place in the top five, but you never know with this caliber of competition. You just put your best stuff out there and hope for the best. I couldn’t have asked for the kids to do any better — to give anymore. There isn’t much more we could do than what we did. There were four other bands that out performed us today and sometimes that’s how it goes.”

The Raider Band of Northridge High School placed sixth with “Et In Terra Pax” (“And On Earth, Peace”). It was the placing band Director Brad Zook anticipated.

“It was a very, very good performance,” Zook said. “The kids got over any nervousness they had performing in the big stadium and they did great. So I’m very happy. Sixth place was what I was hoping for so I’m very pleased that that’s what we got.”

Sixth place was the best showing Northridge has received in ISSMA state competition. Drum Major Brian Jones was emotional about the performance.

“It was an amazing experience,” Jones said. “I just don’t know what to say. It was just an incredible thing we’ve done. I am so proud of the band.”

Mellophone player Laura Dickey was overcome with tears after the performance.

“That was pure adrenaline — that’s all it is. I’m exhausted,” Dickey said. “It’s unlike anything else. We’ve worked so hard.”

The Class B final standings were first place, Jasper; second place, Goshen; third place, Greenwood; fourth place, Northview; fifth place, Concord; sixth place, Northridge; seventh place, Floyd Central; eighth place, Munster; ninth place, Plainfield; 10th place, North Side.

Class C

The Red Regiment Marching Band of NorthWood High School placed sixth in Class C ISSMA State Finals with “Sunday in the Park.”

“Oh my goodness what an experience,” said Band Director Eric Criss. “That was a fantastic way to end a fantastic season. I could not be more pleased with the kids and I’m ready to celebrate.”

Drum Major Liz Peterson was also happy with the performance.

“It was very good. I was so proud of the band,” Peterson said. “We are so happy to be here. It was something I will never, ever forget.”

The Fairfield Marching Pride placed seventh after their third-place showing at semi-state competition.

“I’m very proud. This whole week every performance has been better than the last. And that’s exactly what happened today,” said Band Director Andrew Muth. “We have worked so hard this season. We’ve come back from a couple rough shows. We were able to turn out just a wonderful performance.”

Drum Major Christopher Minnick could not have been happier with the band’s efforts.

“That was a fantastic performance and I’m extremely proud that the best one was the last performance,” Minnick said. “I can’t wait to see the band grows throughout the year. I’ll be coming back and seeing them. I am just so, so happy with that performance.”

The standings for Class C were first place, Western; second place, Concordia-Lutheran; third place, Edgewood; fourth place, Norwell; fifth place, Beech Grove; sixth place, NorthWood; seventh place, Fairfield; eighth place, Angola; ninth place, North Harrison; 10th place, Vincennes.